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[How To]: Use Google+ Hangouts in Linux Distributions

Google + Hangouts became as a replacement for Google Talk instant messaging and video calling client. Google + Hangouts client software is available for Android and IOS devices. Also, it’s usable as web application though Google Chrome or Chromium web browser. So, here in this post you will have a look how to use Google+ Hangouts as a regular application in your operating system, whether your OS is Linux, MAC OS X or Microsoft Windows.

Google+ Hangouts Plugin
First, you need to install Google+ Hangouts plugin, so you will be able to use audio and video conversations in Google Hangouts.
Download page includes deb packages for Debian and Ubuntu distributions and rpm packages for Fedora and OpenSUSE distributions.
Now, Install Google+ Hangouts Extension for Google Chrome or Chromium web browser. After installing the extension you will have Google Chromium web browser added automatically to your startup applications and it includes Google+ Hangouts extension running in the background. Make sure you keep “Let Chromium Run in the background” checked to receive instant messages directly.

Also, you can install Google+ Hangouts Call web application in your web browser and add shortcut icon for it in your desktop by right click in the hangout icon.

Google+ Hangouts Call web application allows you to make quick video calls with your friends through simple user interface allows you to control audio and video functions. Also, you can use it to share your screen, watch youtube videos together and add other application to use with your friends.

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