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Interview with Patrick one of the men behind Emmabuntüs

Today I want to present you Emmabuntüs  a Linux distribution derived from Ubuntu and designed to facilitate the repacking of computers donated to Emmaüs Communities.
The name itself is a combination of two words: Ubuntu and Emmaüs.
Emmabuntüs 2 has been released on July 21 2013 and it’s based on Xubuntu 12.04 LTS, this is because the team want a Long Term support base distribution, and with this version you can be sure to have support for 5 years.
But let’s see some detail of this distribution.

Some of the features of this distribution includes:
Emmabuntüs 2 can be installed, in its entirety, without an Internet connection as all of the required packages are included within the disk image. The disk image includes packages for multiple languages and also optional non-free codecs that the user can choose whether to install or not.
One gigabyte of RAM is required for the live mode of Emmabuntüs 2, however the full installation requires less, at least 512 megabytes of RAM to start correctly.
Emmabuntüs 2 includes browsers plug-ins for parental control
There are three docks to choose from to simplify access to the software and are defined by the type of user (children, beginners and “all”)
Interview with Patrick
Hello and thanks for answering my questions Patrick.
How is born the idea of this project ?

In May 2010, I’ve been involved as a volunteer repackaging of computers in the Emmaus community Neuilly-Plaisance Community. Seeing the amount of work needed to refurbish computers manually, I began to develop a set of scripts to automate this task in Windows XP (removal of personal data and programs installed, hard drive defragmentation, system updates to the operating system, installing a thirty Free Software for family use and a dock) so as not to alter the original license, and allow the new user to continue to benefit legally.
Without this operation license was permanently lost.
The dock and additional Free software

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