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The Kubuntu Team and a Partner Now Offer Commercial Support

Kubuntu, which marries the ever popular Ubuntu Linux distribution with the KDE graphical interface, is popular with lots of individual users, but it also apparently has a foothold in the business world. So much so, in fact, that the Kubuntu team is now in partnership with Emerge Open to offer commercial support packages for businesses. Here are the details. The specific support packages are found on this page, and it looks like they are not cheap. The costs of the support offerings are supplied in British pounds. Businesses can buy a single hour of support time for £80, and for more extended needs, there’s also a one-day option for £500, which earns you eight hours of support. Emerge Open is apparently non-profit company and the money from the support offerings will go to the Kubuntu Council. It should be noted that Canonical, the company behind Ubuntu, is not at all involved with these support plans. Could other Linux distros follow suit and begin to generate revenues from support? Red Hat and other companies have proven that offering support for open source software can be lucrative. Stranger things have happened. Related Activities Comments (0)

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