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Dropbox Uploader 0.12 Released [Bash Script To Access Dropbox Via Command Line]

Dropbox Uploader is a bash script that allows you to perform various actions on your Dropbox (upload, download, delete, share, etc.) without installing the Dropbox client. This is useful for servers, automatic backups or accessing Dropbox from ARM devices, like Raspberry Pi.The script was updated recently, getting a copy function, a “-s” option to skip existing files when uploading/downloading (files are overwritten by default), along with other changes. Here are the changes in the latest Dropbox Uploader 0.12:added copy function;added -s option to skip existing files when upload/download;fixed problem uploading twice the same directory;add checking for not allowed file names;handling connection/resolving host errors;better error handling;converted if condition to BASH native syntax;added normalize_path function, to canonicalize paths;removed check for free quota on every file upload to improve performance;added checks for file permissions before writing/reading files on the local fs;fixed unicode problem in file listing;many other minor changes and improvements.Since our last article about Dropbox Uploader, the script has received numerous improvements, including support for downloading and uploading directories, move/rename function and more.The latest Dropbox Uploader 0.12 supports the following commands: upload, download, delete, move, copy, mkdir, list, share, info and unlink. There are also some optional parameters, like the newly added “-s”

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