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Interview with Diane Leikvold

Emma Marshall: Can you tell us a little bit about yourself?
Diane Leikvold: I am the network administrator, desktop support, and technology coordinator at Longmont Christian School in Longmont, Colorado. I also teach keyboarding to 4th and 5th graders, and Google Docs to middle school students and teachers. My hobbies are biking, Zumba, camping, being outdoors in the sun. I have been married for 24 wonderful years to my husband Kurt, and we have 2 grown boys.
EM: How did you discover Ubuntu?
DL: My husband introduced me to Ubuntu in the summer of 2010. Our school was still using Windows 2000 due to budget constraints. Since Windows 2000 was losing support that summer, we were looking for a replacement. My husband showed me Ubuntu during our camping trip to South Padre Island, and I fell in love with the operating system, so we made the decision to convert the whole school that summer.
EM: How do you use Ubuntu in your daily routine? Work or recreational or both?
DL: Both. After I converted the school, we also converted our home.
I use Ubuntu exclusively in our home. At school, I have approx 120 laptop/desktop computers running Ubuntu. I have two labs, and the rest

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