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KrISS Feed Is A Simple, Fast Feed Reader For Your Web Server

KrISS Feed is a simple feed reader you can install on your web server. Like Tiny Tiny RSS, this is a web application so you can access it from any computer or mobile device that has an Internet connection, using only a web browser.KrISS Feed features:fast and easy to install;doesn’t require SQL / databases;highly customizable: change its look via CSS (12 styles are available to download from its website but you can also create your own styles), customize the menu, paging, etc.;public/protected/private visibility;the feeds can be updated using Javascript, Cron or manually;list or expanded view;keyboard shortcuts;OPML import/export;mobile support using responsive web design;easily share links with Shaarli;auto mark as read when going to next item;star items;order by newer or older items;show unread or all items;more! Also, version 8 (released yesterday) has added plugins support, but there are no plugins available yet as far as I know.You can see an online KrISS Feed demo @ http://tontof.net/feed/Here are a few more screenshots with KrISS Feed using custom styles (available to download from its homepage):Install KrISS FeedBefore proceeding, make sure your web server runs PHP 5.2 or newer. KrISS Feed requires php-xml, php-mbstring and php5-curl. In Ubuntu, the first two are included in the

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