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Ubuntu Touch current development state and our experience with Ubuntu Touch [Video + Screenshots]

Ubuntu OS on the desktop is very famous brand and has a long heritage in the open source community, but rather than confine itself to the one platform, Canonical set out on the path to use the same core kernel and deliver the same platform across smartphones, tablets, the desktop and TVs.Ubuntu Touch is designed specifically for smartphones to power everything from entry-level handhelds to “high-end superphones” that double as PCs.Canonical announced that it was making an alternative mobile device operating system, called Ubuntu Touch. With its lack of need for hardware buttons and use of screen sides as hot zones to initiate gesture commands, the underlying UI concept is vastly different from Android.In the past Canonical announced that the Touch Developer Preview of Ubuntu for the Galaxy Nexus and the Nexus 4. This is intended for developers and enthusiasts to get used to Ubuntu’s smartphone version. Now Ubuntu Touch

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