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CloudBeat 2013 Conference to Highlight the Open Cloud

The folks over at VentureBeat appear to have one of the best cloud computing events of the year coming up in San Francisco this month. The CloudBeat 2013 conference includes many speakers and participants from the various open source cloud computing platforms, as well as movers and shakers behind proprietary cloud platforms from companies like Salesforce and Netflix. The conference takes place Sept 9 to Sept. 10, and here is what you can expect. The list of speakers for CloudBeat 2013 looks excellent.  It includes George Hu from Salesforce and Paul Maritz, former CEO of VMware and now CEO at Pivotal. Saran Mandair is going to discuss PayPal’s cloud computing initiatives, which focus on OpenStack. There are also representatives from TopCoder and Elance, both firms that offer outsourced tech employment, including cloud services. There aren’t a lot of speakers who represent the open cloud computing platforms, but there are speakers from companies working with them, ranging from PayPal to Disney.  One of the topics to be covered at the event concerns Disney’s efforts to marry multiple cloud platforms in its overall cloud strategy–including CloudStack. According to VentureBeat: "For customers like Disney, there are too many services. Do they want a

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