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Ubuntu's Server, Cloud Survey Reflects Trust in Private Clouds, OpenStack

The Ubuntu team is out with its annual Server and Cloud Survey results, and the survey  asked more than 5,800 Ubuntu users from six continents to share their experience of using Ubuntu server and cloud, as well as general cloud usage patterns and preferences.  The research showed that today there is a greater level of trust in cloud environments, including private clouds and trust in OpenStack. The worldwide cloud market is projected to be worth $131 billion this year according to Gartner, and Linux is gaining influence on servers and in the cloud. The Ubuntu team’s survey found that 64 percent of respondents are already deploying, or plan to deploy workloads to the cloud. And 55 percent consider cloud environments ready for mission-critical workloads – up from 22% in 2012. Specific types of mission-critical workloads enterprises are deploying to the cloud include; Web server workloads (51 percent), database (44 percent), backup (42 percent), file server (30 percent). "These findings show greater trust in the cloud, especially as 59 percent are using such environments for production now, rather than just test and development (60 percent) or extra server capacity (53 percent)," the survey findings report. The report also notes: "We

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