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How To Disable Recursive Search In Nautilus 3.6 or 3.8 [Patch w/ PPA]

The type-ahead find feature was removed from Nautilus starting with version 3.6. Now when typing in a Nautilus (3.6+) window, it performs a search in the current directory and all subdirectories instead of selecting the file or folder that matches what you’ve typed. This feature is not that bad except for one thing: searching in subdirectories makes it pretty much unusable at times. If you find this behaviour annoying, you can install Nautilus with a patch created by Amr Osman that allows disabling the recursive search so Nautilus only displays files and folders in the current directory, without looking in its subfolders.The patch allows enabling/disabling recursive search in Nautilus via Dconf so you can easily switch between the two behaviors.Here’s an example:Nautilus 3.8 with recursive searchNautilus 3.8 without recursive searchIn the example above, I was trying to find/select the genymotion-1.2.1_x64.bin file which I knew I had downloaded in the ~/Downloads folder. Using the default Nautilus 3.8 (Ubuntu Saucy), a lot of files show up when typing “gen” which is confusing and makes it harder to spot the file I was looking for. Using the patched Nautilus, only the genymotion folder and the genymotion-1.2.1_x64.bin file show up so I immediately spot

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