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Free Turn-Based Strargy Game `Freeciv` 2.4.0 Released

Freeciv is a free and open source turn-based strategy game inspired by Sid Meier’s Civilization. The game supports both single-player and multiplayer game modes and is available for Linux, Windows, Mac OS X*, Android and there’s even a HTML5 version you can play using only a web browser.The game supports up to 126 players, AI players, Internet and LAN mltiplayer and features 50 playable units, over 300 nations, modpack support as well as a nice in-game help system. Also, Freeciv is highly configurable and can be played in multiple modes: Freeciv, Civilization, Civilization II or a custom mode.After more than 2 years of development, Freeciv 2.4.0 has been released recently, introducing a huge list of improvements and bug fixes, such as:the maximum theoretical map size has increased from 128,000 to 2,048,000 tiles; the maximum linear map dimension has increased from 512 to 32,768;the number of playable nations has increased from 387 to 541;the server now supports a “delegation” feature similar to that in Longturn, where one user can nominate another to temporarily take over control of the game;there is a new “map image” feature to save an overview map as an imagenew server settings: “revealmap” allows the map to be

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