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Ubuntu Touch For PC Tablets

Linux distributions continue to make great headway into the operating system market, and Ubuntu is often the Linux distro of choice for new users. PC tablets are slowly controlling the market field with more sophisticated units being available to consumers. With this development, Canonical (the company behind Ubuntu) are moving into that market, offering the superior functionality and design of Ubuntu on the said gadgets.Ubuntu DesignAs with other versions of Ubuntu, the tablet and smartphone moves away from traditional methods of accessing apps. Unlike Android, Windows and Mac, Ubuntu has done away with navigation buttons, opting instead for swiping gestures for accessibility. Yahoo news reports that ‘This gives it a cleaner, less cluttered feel than most other tablets.Smartphones firstCanonical have previously announced their move into smartphones. This is due in the next Ubuntu version which 13.10, codenamed ‘Saucy Salamander’ and due for release on 17th October 2013. Carriers will have

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