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OpenKit, for Social, Mobile Gaming, Arrives in Version 1.0

In the world of gaming, social features are taking on more and more importance, and many gamers are connecting with each other on mobile devices. OpenKit, which is positioned as an open source back-end platform for "truly social" cross-platform games, has announced that V1.0 of the back-end service is now live for iOS and Android and available to developers at http://openkit.io. One of the founders, Peter Relan, had created the OpenFeint service that is now closed, and OpenKit was announced last December. It has been in beta since early this year. According to the OpenKit announcement: "OpenKit was conceived last December to replace OpenFeint which was shut down leaving thousands of game developers without social features such as leaderboards and achievements…In addition to Game Center and Google+ Leaderboards, you can set up and compare scores with your real friends using Facebook-based credentials…When a friend beats your score, you get a push notification, immediately pulling you back into the game; great for re-engagement so your game stays at the top of the charts." "We’re breaking down the silos of vertical services that come with mobile platforms," said Lou Zell, Todd Hamilton and Suneet Shah, co-founders of OpenKit. "OpenKit is

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