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French National Police are Now Running 37,000 Ubuntu Desktops

In a bold show of support for one of the most popular Linux distributions, The French Gendarmerie now employes 37,000 Ubuntu desktops. The move is part if a broader migration toward open source software that will see the French national police using 72,000 Ubuntu workstations by the summer of next year. The news from France follows other recent news of worldwide government support for Linux, and is good news for Ubuntu.  In 2004, the IT department of the French national police force faced a major challenge. According to its own report: "At minimal costs, we had to provide all users access to the internal computer network, and greatly expand the use of standard office productivity tools." That prompted a move to the OpenOffice suite of productivity tools, which it installed on all 90,000 PCs, making obsolete 20,000 licences for a proprietary office suite. The police force also switched to using Open Document Format for its internal reporting. French Gendarmerie officials have an extensive online post up about support for open source software and the switch to Ubuntu in particular. It notes the following: "The Gendarmerie now employs 37,000 Ubuntu Linux desktops. In the summer of next year, it expects

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