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Mozilla Firefox 24 Updates Security Flaws

Last week, Mozilla released the 24th version of open source browser Firefox for Windows, Mac and Linux computers. The newest update made some platform-specific changes, added additional language support, enhanced content for developers and made accessibility changes to better accommodate visually and physically impaired users. While these changes will please many users, are they enough to make Firefox a compelling choice for Linux users?Linux user browser choicesFirefox comes installed on many Linux machines, but past performance issues have led many Linux users to switch default browsers. While Google Chrome is a closed-source browser, it remains competitive with Firefox. Chrome is not as customizable as Firefox, but it’s fast and integrates updates better than Firefox. The open-source Firefox is much more customizable and has a huge extensions library that appeals to Linux users, but it can be a bit of a resource hog and updating it requires more work. While it

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