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Next Online Ubuntu Developer Summit: 19 – 21 Nov 2013

The Ubuntu Developer Summit is a key event in the Ubuntu calendar. It is where our community gather to discuss, debate, and design the future of Ubuntu. The event is completely open, welcome to all, and brings together platform developers, app developers, advocates, designers, partners, carriers, OEMs and more. The event takes place at uds.ubuntu.com.
As with each UDS, we are working to refine and improve each event. For the next UDS we are making some of the following improvements:

Simplifying how our community propose new sessions.
Simplifying the registration process.
Adding a hallway track for impromptu sessions.
Getting the schedule in place earlier, so people can better plan their time.
Refinements to uds.ubuntu.com to explain how the event works and how to participate.
Improvements to the plenary content and running great sessions.

For each event we are now going to put a deadline in place where we ask everyone in our community (Canonical employees included) to get their sessions set up and registered. The deadline for submissions for the next event is Fri 1st Nov 2013.
We have also simplified how to propose sessions for UDS. There are two ways of submitting a session, both of which are explained on http://uds.ubuntu.com/getinvolved/propose-a-session/.
We will be in touch with more updates

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