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4 more days to get your Community Council nomination in!

All 7 elected Community Council member terms expire this month so we are looking to restaff the council with some exceptional community members.
If you know somebody in the Ubuntu community, who

has been an Ubuntu member for a while
is dedicated to the project
is well-respected and known for balanced views and good leadership
has a good overview over various aspects of the project
is organized and has some organization talent

(or you know that this all applies to you), please send an email to the Community Council (community-council at lists.ubuntu.com) with the subject “[CC Nomination]” by Tuesday, October 8th, 16:00 UTC – just 4 days away! If you are nominating someone else, please confirm that the person is willing to stand for election and make note of this in the nomination email.
Full details about this call for nominations, including FAQ about what the council does and expectations of council members can be found at on the original announcement: Community Council Call for Nominations
Thanks everyone,
Elizabeth Krumbach Joseph (on behalf of the Community Council)

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