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eOS, Elune, and Bauraturia conkys available for Ubuntu/Linux Mint/other Linux distributions

Install eOS, Elune, and Bauraturia conkys in Any Debian/Ubuntu/Linux Mint/Fedora/Others Linux DistributionsNoobsLab has collection of conkys for Linux desktop to make desktop elegant. So today we bring three conkys for you which is based on conky-now which is developer by satya but these three are modified by zagortenay333. This time we made a script to make things more easier for everyone, in past we received feedback like there are too much commands like a mess in conky posts. It can work for all Linux desktops like (Gnome Shell, Unity, Cinnamon, Gnome Classic, XFCE, Mate, and others). eOS, Elune, and Bauraturia conkys shows weather info with support of curl, CPU usage with graph, Memory, Internet upload/download speed and sent/received data, and Top Processes. There are two method of installation wget script (works for all Linux distributions) and PPA (for Ubuntu/derivatives).Installation Features:Automatically adds to start-up.Options to select conky.Works in all environments, options to choose between environment.Installation

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