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Cinnamon 2.0 Released, Becomes An `Entire Desktop Environment`

Cinnamon 2.0 has been released today featuring many bug fixes as well as some new features.According to the release announcement, with version 2.0, Cinnamon is no longer a frontend ontop of the GNOME desktop like Unity or GNOME Shell, but “an entire desktop environment”. Cinnamon is still built on GNOME technologies and uses GTK, but “it no longer requires GNOME itself to be installed” because it now communicates with its own backend services, libraries and daemons.Changes in Cinnamon 2.0:improved edge-tiling: tiled windows can be resized;in addition to top, bottom, left and right, windows can now be tiled into the 4 corners of the screen;a new feature called “HUD” was added: when dragging a window near a tiling zone, Cinnamon displays a hint so you know where the window will tile – see second screenshot below;a new edge-snapping feature has been added – it’s similar to edge-tiling, but there’s a difference: maximized windows do not cover snapped windows. To snap a window, drag a window with your mouse towards an edge while pressing the Control key;configurable individual sound effects: you can configure sounds for events such as Cinnamon startup, switching workspace, closing, minimizing or maximizing windows and so on.replaced GNOME “User

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