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Review Ubuntu desktop on Nexus 7 and Easily install Ubuntu 13.04 Raring on Nexus 7 Tablet

Ubuntu desktop is great thing to try on Nexus 7, it is available for armhf architecture. As you know Nexus 7 devices is inexpensive tablet with great build quality compare to other famous tablets available in the market and Nexus 7 device has opened door to other operating systems to get in or moded Android roms (Nobody gonna stop you to use as you like, neither your Nexus device).Canonical is working on Ubuntu Touch which is first OS by canonical for phones and tablets (All in one OS). We are constantly testing Ubuntu Touch but around one month ago we did review of Ubuntu touch on Nexus 4 and we can say canonical is going to right way (Still can’t say anything about Mir display!!!).Basically Ubuntu desktop for Nexus 7 is just a Ubuntu core with some applications installed by default (Any application can be installed if it is available

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