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Ubuntu 13.10 Available For Download

Ubuntu 13.10 was released today and while there aren’t as many new features as in the previous releases, there are some interesting changes. Read on to see what’s new in Ubuntu 13.10 (Saucy Salamander)!Unity changesUbuntu 13.10 comes with a new feature called “Smart Scopes” (also known as “100 scopes”, although there aren’t 100 scopes available yet) which provides a smarter Dash that tries to figure out what you’ve search for and return results relevant to your search query.Below you can watch a video with the new Smart Scopes in action (the video is old, but there haven’t been any major changes to the Smart Scopes since then):(direct link to video)When you search for something in the home lens, Dash tries to guess what categories should be selected based on the information it has about this on its central server. If you feel that Dash didn’t select the proper categories, you can easily select or deselect categories and the scopes (sources) in each category.For example, if you search for “Istanbul”, Dash selects the following categories: Files & Folders, Info, More Suggestions, Music, Reference and Weather, which results in the following info being displayed:Some of the new scopes come with Dash Previews

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