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Pinguy OS 13.10 Alpha Released With GNOME 3.10

Pinguy OS 13.10 alpha, an Ubuntu remaster that ships with many popular applications and tweaks, is available for testing.Pinguy OS 13.10 alpha ships with GNOME 3.10Pinguy OS 13.10 is based on Ubuntu 13.10 and like the previous releases, it uses GNOME Shell with various customizations / extensions by default. Unlike Ubuntu 13.10, the latest Pinguy OS alpha uses GNOME 3.10 and not 3.8, so you’ll get all the goodies available in the latest stable GNOME release: the new compact System Menu, pagination in the GNOME Shell app picker, client side decorations for applications such as Nautilus, GNOME Documents, GNOME Tweak Tool and so on, all the System Settings improvements and more. You can read more about what’s new in the latest GNOME 3.10, HERE.Desktop customizationsLike in the previous releases, Pinguy OS 13.10 alpha uses a stylish, minimalistic Conky setup at the top of the desktop, which displays the current date and time, RAM and CPU usage as well as network download/upload speeds. Docky is still present and there are two instances: one at the bottom, used as a taskbar / app launcher and a second one at the left with auto-hide enabled by default, which lets you quickly access the

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