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Y PPA Manager Released With Ubuntu 13.10 Fixes

Today I’ve released Y PPA Mangager which brings bug fixes for the latest Ubuntu 13.10 as well as some changes on how the tool works.For those not familiar with Y PPA Manager, this is a tool that lets you easily add, remove or purge PPAs as well as search for packages in Launchpad PPAs, a feature that should be very useful when you can’t find a PPA for your favourite app on WebUpd8 or other similar websites. Other features include:list the packages available in a PPA added on your system;download packages from PPAs without adding them;PPAs backup / restore, along with all the PPA keys;update single repositories using a command line tool (by the way, when you add a PPA using Y PPA Manager, it’s updated without updating all the software sources) called “update-ppa” – usage example: “sudo update-ppa ppa:webupd8team/java”; this feature was implemented by Satya;some options that should help you re-enable the working PPAs when upgrading to a newer Ubuntu / Linux Mint version;remove duplicate PPAs;Unity quicklists / optional AppIndicator;more.Based on user feedback, single-click is now used for launching the tools available in the main Y PPA Manager interface. Initially, single-click wasn’t even supported by YAD (the front-end

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