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Mark Shuttleworth Rallies Developers Around Upcoming Ubuntu 14.04

Lots of people are still kicking the tires on the new Ubuntu 13.10 Saucy Salamander release, but Canonical founder Mark Shuttleworth is already circling developer wagons around the upcoming 14.04 release, which is dubbed Trusty Tahr. "On the desktop, 13.10 has benefited greatly from the fact that it has a team just focused on improving quality," Shuttleworth writes. "We’ll do the same again and more for 14.04." It also sounds like the Ubuntu mobile strategy will be marching forward rapidly. According to Shuttleworth: "So – saucy is in the can, and it’s time to turn our tactical talk to 14.04, which will of course be an LTS. As such, our focus is going to be on performance, refinement, maintainability, technical debt. It would be entirely appropriate for us to make conservative choices in this upcoming vUDS, so please join us in those discussions as we shape 14.04 as a platform for long-term deployments on the PC and the cloud and the server. In particular, we will be providing OpenStack I, J and K on 14.04 for LTS deployments, so we need to make sure we meet the needs of that community for a solid core. On the desktop, 13.10

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