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Everything Wrong With Ubuntu

The underlying technology of Linux, the core that powers millions of websites around the world, is fantastic. Further, the overall philosophy of giving back to the public, of doing something purely for the wellbeing of the people is good. The community fosters a kind of "David-vs-Goliath" and "scrappy underdog" feel; it’s us against the man, man. Unfortunately, Technical underpinnings and a feel-good philosophy simply don’t go far enough to provide a truly competitive end user experience, and when the community turns its vitriol against itself, the dream of the Linux desktop begins to deconstruct.   Ubuntu released version 13.10 this week, with very few features and not a whole lot to talk about. Most of the improvements were version upgrades of internal components. A new kernel, upgraded compilers, and a few improvements to the controversial Unity Dash. While browsing through the reviews across the web I also skimmed the comments, and I was surprised to hear how many of the people leaving comments were completely aghast that Ubuntu released no major changes, while simultaneously berating the design and architecture decisions Canonical has made with the system. Unity, online search results, and Mir are favorite whipping posts for the

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