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Slackware 14.1 Just Days Away

Slackware 14.1 has been cooking for a while now and Willy Sudiarto Raharjo says it’s just day away now. His exact words today were, "Since RC 3 has been announced, there wasn’t much addition or changes happening on -Current, which means that the final release is just a matter of days." Indeed, changes have slowed to a crawl. Some of the latest changes include: * Calligra upgraded to 2.7.4 * all bootloaders got bug fixes * Firefox is upgraded to 24.1.0 ESR * gnutls is upgraded to 3.1.5 * Linux 3.10.17 * Xorg X Server 1.14.3 * GCC 4.8.2 * KDE 4.10.5 Release Candidate 2 arrived October 21 and RC 3 was announced a week later. The final is expected within the week. Related Activities Comments (0) Post a Comment Ask a Question Related Software slackware (6 alternatives, post review) Related Blog Posts Linus Torvalds Sounds Off on Mac OS X Mavericks, and SteamOS (2 comments) Mark Shuttleworth Rallies Developers Around Upcoming Ubuntu 14.04 (post comment) The

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