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TopFeed: A Fancy Feed Widget For Your Ubuntu Desktop

TopFeed is a new smart feed widget that lets you stay up to date with your favorite websites by displaying the latest news on your Ubuntu desktop.The application presets all the feed items in a single column and tries to move what it thinks are the more important news to the top of the widget. The importance of news items is determined based on the following factors:the number of times the item was read by others;the number of times the item was up (or down) voted;how fresh the item is;the priority you give to the feed that contains the item;Because of this social feature, you must create an account to use TopFeed. But don’t worry, the registration is quick and you don’t even have to enter your email address.The news items open in a custom browser integrated with TopFeed – from there, you can upvote or downvote the news item, star it, navigate to the next or previous news items, open the link in your default web browser or share it on Facebook or Twitter.From the application preferences, you can add feeds (don’t try to add websites, it won’t work – use the RSS feed link instead), change the font

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