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Canonical to Meld OpenStack and Cloud Foundry Within Ubuntu

In mid October, Ubuntu 13.10 arrived, featuring close integration with Havana, the latest release of the OpenStack cloud computing platform. Ubuntu development is also now being kept in lockstep with OpenStack’s development cycles, as Canonical, Ubuntu’s parent company, steadily embraces the emerging cloud platform. There is also a new OpenStack Interoperability Lab from Ubuntu, which we covered here.  Adding to its momentum surrounding cloud computing, it looks like Canonical and Ubuntu will be working closely with Pivotal to bring Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) capabilities to OpenStack deployments. Ubuntu will build an OpenStack-based version of Cloud Foundry into its next major release, with the news announced at the Hong Kong OpenStack Summit. Cloud Foundry is an open source cloud-centric platform that works with public and private data centers. It supports Java, Ruby, Spring and Node.js, and has built-in support for RabbitMQ, PostgreSQL, MySQL, redis, and MongoDB. Its meant to be a broad platform that the whole cloud ecosystem can leverage. According to The Register, Canonical founder Mark Shuttleworth gave a keynote at OpenStack Summit where he recognized that there are a lot of players in the PaaS space, but made clear that he views Cloud Foundry as the leader: "Canonical will

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