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Android x86 Emulator `Genymotion` 2.0 Released

Genymotion 2.0 has been released with Android 4.3 support as well as new features such as drag&drop to copy files and APKs to the virtual device.Genymotion is a fast, cross-platform Android emulator that comes with pre-configured Android (x86 with OpenGL hardware acceleration) images. The emulator features Ethernet support, multi-touch gestures, emulation widgets for GPS, battery, camera and more.Starting with this release, Genymotion can be used in free mode (free for personal use, without commercial features) or with a license (Indie or Business) that enables extra features.Changes in Genymotion 2.0:Indie or Business license only: new remote control widget which allows you to control the accelerometer and multi-touch gestures in your application directly from any real device;Indie or Business license only: new screencast widget which allows you to take screenshots or screencasts from any Genymotion virtual device;drag&drop support (this requires ADB to be correctly set up in the Genymotion settings): if you drag&drop an APK from your computer to the virtual device, it will be installed and launched automatically;ZIP packages containing /system directory tree will be deployed automatically;the virtual device creation window now lets you filter devices by Android version, device name; also, a search bar has been added;Android 2.3 (yes, 2.3!)

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