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Community Council Election Results

Thanks to everyone who voted in the Community Council election! We had a turnout of 299 of the 732 authorized voters.
The following 7 members have been elected to join Mark Shuttleworth on the council for a term of 2 years:

Daniel Holbach
Elizabeth Krumbach Joseph
Laura Czajkowski
Scott Ritchie
Michael Hall
Charles Profitt

Full election results available here: http://civs.cs.cornell.edu/cgi-bin/results.pl?id=E_f755aadcc4618217
In the case of any member being unable to fulfill their term, the next ranked nominee will be appointed.
Thanks to the outgoing members of the Community Council, Martin Albisetti and Milo Casagrande.
Originally posted to the ubuntu-news-team mailing list by Elizabeth Krumbach Joseph on Thu Nov 14 03:33:27 UTC 2013

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