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Oracle Java PPA Updated With ARM Support

Starting today, both Oracle Java 7 and Java 8 (JDK) installers available in the WebUpd8 Java PPA support ARM.Oracle Java 7 supports ARM v6/v7 Hard Float and Soft Float ABI while Oracle Java 8 only supports ARM v6/v7 Hard Float ABI (there’s no JDK 8 ARM Soft Float ABI archive available for download on Oracle’s website).Currently, the Oracle installer ARM support should be considered experimental because I’ve tested it on a single device (ARM v7 v7 Hard Float). If you encounter bugs, report them here or via email (see the Contact page above).Please note that the browser plugin, javaws and jvisualvm are not available in Oracle JDK7 and JDK8 so obviously, they won’t be installed by the WebUpd8 Oracle Java installer.Install Oracle Java 7 or Java 8 in Ubuntu / Linux Mint / Debian via PPAOracle Java 8 is available as an early access release so it’s recommended you use Oracle Java 7 instead. Furthermore, the Oracle servers for JDK 8 are usually very slow and the download may not be successful, causing the package installation to fail – if that occurs, you can try to manually download the .tar.gz and place it under /var/cache/oracle-jdk8-installer, then the installer should use

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