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Report: Ubuntu Touch OS Finally Finds a Smartphone Partner

Canonical has been very bold over the past years about expressing plans to bring Ubuntu to new kinds of devices, ranging from smartphones to TVs to tablets. It also recently went on a widely publicized campaign to get an Ubuntu phone crowdfunded. Now, in what may represent a milestone for the company, Mark Shuttleworth has told CNET that Ubuntu Touch OS has won its first smartphone partner. The partner focused on the Linux-based mobile operating system isn’t named, but we will reportedly see high-end phones next year. It’s always a big deal for any company when desire and aspiration gets translated into an actual market opportunity. Canonical will face stiff competition in the mobile OS market, where Android is increasingly dominant and Mozilla’s Firefox OS is making inroads against established players including Apple. Nevertheless, a hardware partner was sorely missing from Canonical’s strategy. All the way back in November of 2010, in a post titled "Is it Too Late for an Open Source Challenge to Android?," I wondered whether open source mobile operating systems could step up cometition in the mobile space. Now they are doing so–big time, and Canonical will be there for the party. Let’s keep in

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