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Spectro conky pack for Ubuntu/Linux Mint/other Linux distributions

Install Spectro conky Pack in Debian/Ubuntu/Linux Mint/Others Linux distributionsConky is best thing to make desktop elegant, NoobsLab offers collection of conkys for Linux desktop. So today I bring Spectro conky pack for you, it has 5 variants with Celsius and Fahrenheit options. I tried to make installation and setup much easier for everyone, I hope no one get any problem with it. It can work for all Linux desktops environments like (Gnome Shell, Unity, Cinnamon, Gnome Classic, XFCE, Mate, and others). This conky shows only weather information in details (5 days) with support of curl. This conky doesn’t show any other system info. This time I pick up only wget script installation method because it can work with most of the Linux distributions.Screenshots Installation Features:Automatically adds to start-up.Automated script with choices.Choose between Celsius or Fahrenheit.Works in all environments, options to choose between environment.Uninstall script is available.Weather SetupWget script Installation Method (Works

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