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Manipulate Images In Nautilus Or Nemo With `Image Tools` Extension

`Image Tools` is a handy extension for Nautilus or Nemo created by Lorenzo @ atareao.es, that lets you manipulate images from the Nautilus or Nemo context menu.The extension lets you perform the following actions:resize, rotate or flip images;convert images from/to bmp, gif, jpg, png and more;enhance images: change the brightness, color, contrast and sharpness;apply effects such as: black and white, blur, border, contour, greyscale, negative, shadow, vintage or watermark.While I for one don’t need the effects available with this extension (there’s GIMP for that or, if you only want predefined effects, there’s XnRetro), I find the convert / resize features very useful, especially for Nemo since there’s no other extension like Image Tools for it. But I’m sure some of you will find the effects / image enhancement features included with this extension useful.To use the extension, all you have to do is select an image or multiple images in Nautilus / Nemo, right click and from the Image tools submenu select the desired action:Nautilus Image ToolsNemo Image ToolsHere are screenshots with the options available for some of the image manipulation features included in this Nemo / Nautilus extension:Enhance, vintage and watermark come with a dialog that lets you adjust

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