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PPA Updates: Tor Browser Bundle 3.5, Sublime Text 3 Beta Build 3059

Quick update for Ubuntu / Linux Mint users: our PPAs were updated today with the latest Tor Browser Bundle 3.5 and Sublime Text 3 beta build 3059.Tor Browser Bundle 3.5For those not familiar with Tor Browser Bundle, this is a web browser based on Firefox ESR (Firefox with extended support), configured to protect users’ privacy and anonymity by using Tor which comes bundled with it. The bundle also includes some Firefox extensions, like: TorButton, TorLauncher, NoScript and HTTPS-Everywhere.For more information, see our initial article: Tor Browser Bundle Ubuntu PPA.Tor Browser Bundle 3.5 is a major release and comes with the latest Firefox 24.2 ESR (the previous stable Tor Browser Bundle version was using Firefox 17 ESR), updated extensions and Tor as well as other changes and bug fixes.With this release, a configuration window is displayed the first time your run Tor Browser Bundle, which allows you to select how to connect to the Tor network:Also, in the previous releases, launching Tor Browser would also launch Vidalia, resulting in an extra window that you’d had to close to quit Tor Browser Bundle. That’s no longer the case with the latest Tor Browser Bundle 3.5 because Vidalia has been replaced with a

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