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Linux 2013: Year in Review

2013 was a most interesting year in Linux all around. Most folks will cite the advancements in the gaming arena and in embedded and mobile devices. But 2013 was a great year in Linux distributions. The desktops and associated wars calmed down, some tricky technology got wrestled into submission, and stability seemed to be everyone’s watchword. Lots of folks are reminiscing about the year, so let’s take a look. Swapnil Bhartiya posted a review of the year from "a Linux user’s point of view" saying, "2013 was one of the most dramatic years of my life-time. As a Gnu/Linux user (where privacy and control of data is prime objective) this year was quite promising as Gnu/Linux rose as the dominant player in the consumer space." See his article for a review of the most important stories of 2013, which include SteamOS, "Canonical in flux," and the "Rise of openSUSE." Earlier this month OMG!Ubuntu! posted their Best Linux Application of 2013 and The Best Linux Games of 2013. Their lists aren’t just your ordinary Firefox, LibreOffice, or top commercial games lists, no. Their favorite apps of 2013 include names such as Geary, Springseed, Lightworks, and VoD Enablement App. Some of their

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