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Don't want third-party searches in Dash? Completely Disable Internet Searches in Ubuntu Dash

Ubuntu got Dash online search feature since ‘12.10 Quantal’ version and in Linux community many of us has criticized Canonical Ltd on this step. Most of the people think that Canonical spy on users using online searches.When Ubuntu 13.10 Raring was released, Canonical’s David Callé has dropped a line on this Google+ post that ‘The smart scopes server now anonymizes images before serving them to your Dash.’. Still most the people think that still it is not Anonymous (link1, link2). While some people find this convenient, others find it a violation of their privacy. Also Ubuntu makes it easy to turn this off by going to System settings.The first thing you’ll notice about the new Dash is that when you search for something, you not only see local files but also Amazon-affiliated advertisements for products. You may heard of fixubuntu.com site, Canonical criticized sent notice to the owner to remove

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