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Install Laptop Mode Tools 1.64 With Configuration GUI In Ubuntu

Laptop Mode Tools is a package that allows you to extend the battery life of your laptop by enabling the Laptop Mode Linux kernel feature along with other power-related tweaks.This was a command line only tool until version 1.64, which introduces a GUI that lets you toggle individual power saving modules. The new GUI configuration tool isn’t exactly pretty as you can see in the screenshot below, but it’s definitely an useful addition because it no longer requires users to work with various configuration files.The GUI is written in PyQT and the options are generated at runtime, based on the list of available power saving modules.Because Laptop Mode Tools 1.64 is only available in the Ubuntu 14.04 repositories, I’ve backported it for older Ubuntu versions so you can easily install it via a PPA.Install Laptop Mode Tools in UbuntuBefore proceeding with the installation, please note that you must remove TLP if installed before installing Laptop Mode Tools. If you install both, there will be conflicts. I guess you’re wondering which one’s better, TLP of Laptop Mode Tools – well, they both try to achieve the same thing and the results are pretty close, but you can give both a try

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