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Prime Indicator Lets You Quickly Switch Between Nvidia And Intel Graphics [Ubuntu 14.04]

Prime Indicator is a small, helpful Ubuntu AppIndicator for Nvidia Optimus users running Ubuntu 14.04 which allows users to quickly switch between Intel and Nvidia graphics cards.As we pointed out a while back, it’s possible to switch between Nvidia and Intel graphics in Ubuntu 14.04 and to do this, you must open Nvidia Settings, change the graphics card, enter your password, then log out and log back in. Using Prime Indicator you can do this easier: a single click will automatically switch the graphics card and log out.This is useful if you often need to switch between Nvidia and Intel graphics cards (to play games under Nvidia grapics for instance). Or at leat it will be useful, since Ubuntu 14.04 hasn’t been released yet. Since this is an “indicator”, it also indicates the running graphics chip as an icon (it displays the Nvidia or Intel logo on the panel).Prime Indicator probably also works in Ubuntu 12.04 with the newest hardware enablement stack, but I didn’t test it so the PPA provides packages for Ubuntu 14.04 only however, you can manually install the deb under Ubuntu 12.04 if you want to give it a try (there’s a deb download link under

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