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Pidgin Indicator: Ubuntu AppIndicator Plugin For Pidgin

Pidgin uses the Ubuntu Messaging Menu but many people prefer its old tray icon, which you could whitelist to use the systray. That’s no longer possible out of the box with Ubuntu 13.04 and 13.10 because the Unity systray whitelist was removed (there is a PPA that restores the systray whitelist though) but luckily, Philip Langdale has created a plugin for Pidgin that provides an Ubuntu AppIndicator.”I’ve found this indicator [Messaging Menu] to be much less usable than the original Pidgin tray icon, so I decided to build this plugin to restore the icon’s functionality in a maintainable way (in constrat to having to run a patched version of Unity).”- app description @ GitHubPidgin Indicator provides the same functionality as the original tray icon but a bit differently. For instance, to show the buddy list or unread messages you must middle click instead of left click (because left and right click on an AppIndicator do the same thing).There is one small bug, but it shouldn’t affect too many users: the Plugin Action menu items are not refreshed and you must restart Pidgin or reload the plugin to update these menu items. Hopefully this will be fixed in a future release.Because there

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