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My top 10 open source software

I received this article from Saska Dasgupta and gladly publish it.
I discovered the Linux and open source world around 4 years ago, and from that date I’m trying to know more open source software or projects.
I must say that they changed my life both as I started to use different software but the most important thing, in my opinion, is that I’ve discovered a different way to think to software and collaboration, or should I say understand what really means Free software ?
There are different open source software and projects, that I use in my work or at home and that in some way changed (in better) my life:
List of my top 10 open source software

Miro Video Converter:If you want to switch over videos of any format to different formats, then this open source known as Miro Video Converter will be very useful for you. Miro is absolutely free and it is an open source video player and open source TV player where you can access the maximum number of HD content as compared to any other video player. It is also suitable for the Android devices or the iOS.I like this software as it’s really simple to use and allow me to change format of the video to see them on my mobile devices or my TV.


It is one of the most popular open source Data Base and is also preferred by many great open source applications such as Drupal, WordPress or Moodle. Some of its best features are:

Easy Administration with a lot of project to manage it via wen (phpmyadmin) or from applications

A lot of documentation and support available

Excellent Performance

These are the reasons why MySQL has made it to the top of the list as the ultimate choice for different websites, in the last years the community edition

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