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Rhythmbox CoverArt Browser Plugin Reaches Version 1.0

CoverArt Browser, a Rhythmbox plugin to browse and play music using an album art view, has reached version 1.0.CoverArt Browser is basically more than a plugin and using it, Rhythmbox becomes a new music player. Among the plugin features are:multiple views: tiles, coverflow, carousel or roundabout;configurable search (all fields, albums, artists, etc.);display all your music or only the play queue, top rated, recently added or recently played;it integrates with another plugin to allow downloading cover art for all your albums;export albums art in the tracks, useful to display cover art on mobile devices;an optional tracks pane is available so you can easily view the tracks available in an album;can be set to start automatically when launching Rhythmbox;highly customizable;Coverflow viewArtist viewRhythmbox CoverArt Browser 1.0 was released recently, this being the first stable release. Some of the changes compared to the previous (unstable) release include:added new artist view that comes with features such as displaying artist albums in tree-view, artist cover download via Last.fm and much morenew lighter icon-theme;Rhythmbox v3 style toolbar and button popup menus;new toolbar menu-button to switch between views including Rhythmbox’s own library view;new toolbar menu-button in RB’s library view to switch to plugin views (Rhythmbox v3 and later);option

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