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LibreOffice 4.2 Released With New Monochrome Icon Theme, GNOME 3 Application Menu Integration And More

The Document Foundation has released LibreOffice 4.2 today, which “features a large number of performance and interoperability improvements targeted to users of all kinds, but particularly appealing for power and enterprise users”.The new version brings better interoperability with Microsoft OOXML, a new monochrome icon set (not enabled by default), GNOME 3 Application Menu integration and more.Here’s a list of the most important changes in the latest LibreOffice 4.2:round-trip interoperability with Microsoft OOXML, particularly for DOCX, as well as legacy RTF, has improved considerably; a new import filter for Abiword documents has been added; improvements to other import/export filters;a new engine for Calc – massive parallel calculations of formula cells using GPU via OpenCL are now possible thanks to the new formular interpreter; better integration with Windows 7 and 8, with thumbnails of open documents now grouped by application and a list of recent documents, both showing on the task bar, along with other Windows-specific improvements;power and enterprise users on all platforms will like the new Expert Configuration window, which has been added to the Options tab; new start screen with a cleaner layout that makes better use of the available space – even on netbooks – and shows a preview

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