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Notification Center, Google Now Cards, App Launcher Land In Chrome For Linux (Dev Channel)

The latest Google Chrome unstable (dev channel) for Linux was updated recently, getting the Aura UI stack, Notification Center and App Launcher back. The Aura UI, Notification Center and App Launcher were added to Chrome for Linux a couple of months ago but they was removed shortly after that.  Aura, the new graphical stack for Chrome, was initially used on Chrome OS, then on Chrome for Windows and Mac and now it’s finally also available for the Chrome Linux browser. Aura handles the rendering, compositing and so on, using the GPU when possible. For technical details, see THIS page.Chrome Notification CenterWith this update, Chrome (unstable) for Linux uses rich notifications: they can display formatted text, images and include direct actions so for instance you can directly reply to an email – well, at least in theory because I couldn’t get any interactive notifications to work, for instance Gmail refused to display notifications for new messages for some reason.Chrome Notification Center with Google Now cards on UbuntuAlso, the Notification Center that first appeared on Windows and Mac is now available for Linux. This is a place that keeps track of your unread notifications so you don’t miss any important notifications. On

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