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Get Unity Global Menu / HUD Support For Java Swing Applications With JAyatana

Java Swing Ayatana is a project that brings Ubuntu global menu (AppMenu) and HUD support for Java Swing applications.JAyatana version 2.0 was released recently, getting support for Ubuntu 13.10 along with a PPA for easy installation. Even though there are no packages for Ubuntu 14.04 yet, Java Ayatana also works with the latest Ubuntu Trusty Tahr.Using this, you’ll get Unity AppMenu and HUD support for applications such as: NetBeans IDE, IntelliJ IDEA, Android Studio and so on.The current version has a small bug with IntelliJ Idea and Android Studio: an empty menu item is displayed at the top of the menu, as you can see in the first screenshot below, but this bug should be fixed with the next JAyatana release.Here’s an IntelliJ Idea screenshot using a global menu under Unity (Ubuntu 14.04):And Netbeans IDE (and as you can see, the menu gap bug doesn’t occur with Netbeans):And of course, HUD works too:Note that this won’t work for Eclipse because it’s a SWT application. If you want Unity AppMenu / HUD support for Eclipse IDE, see the instructions HERE for Ubuntu 13.10 and older or, for Ubuntu 14.04, use the new unity-gtk-module dconf option to whitelist Eclipse.Get global menu /

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