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Ubuntu 14.10 Might Use Converged QML Applications, Repace Nautilus With Ubuntu Filemanager App

Oliver Grawert, SW-Integration engineer at Canonical posted a message on the Ubuntu Desktop mailing list in which he says that Ubuntu 14.10 is likely to start using converged QML applications on the desktop by default.As you probably know, the plan is to switch to Unity 8 for Ubuntu 14.10 and along with it, it seems that some converged QML applications that are currently running on the phone and tablets might make it to the desktop. The core Ubuntu Touch apps are developed by the community under guidance of the Canonical design team.One of the applications that might be replaced with a converged QML app is Nautilus:”With all the complaints and unhappyness about Nautilus upstream ripping out things like dual pane and other beloved and helpful features I expect we can do better and I think this is the right time to: a) collect requirementsb) file whishlist bugs c) if *you* want to contribute, get in contact with the developers”- Oliver GrawertHere’s how Ubuntu Filemanager App currently looks like on the desktop:At the current state, Ubuntu Filemanager App is not exactly ready for the desktop, at least not as a default application but that’s about to change. Hopefully that will bring

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