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Easily Share Files Between Windows / Linux / Macs Over Network Using NitroShare, Install in Ubuntu/Mint via PPA

Install NitroShare in Ubuntu 13.10 Saucy/13.04 Raring/12.10 Quantal/12.04 Precise/11.10/11.04/Linux Mint 16/15/14/13/12/11/and other Ubuntu derivativesNitroShare is very handy application to send files from remote computer to any connected computer in the same network. Most of the time no necessary configuration required to send/receive files between computers using NitroShare. It is cross-platform available for Linux, Windows and Mac, which mean you can easily transfer files between two machines doesn’t matter they’re Windows/Mac or Windows/Linux or Linux/Mac. All network computers can immediately find each other and allows sharing.NitroShare introduced the “share boxes”, which are small widgets that stay on the desktop. Each share box represents different machine on the network, user can simply drag and drop file/folder on the widget to send it to the machine. It allows to create a share box that will ask which machine you want to send files.The application integrates with the operating system, using application indicators on

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