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New Command Line YouTube Player And Downloader With Local Playlists Support

youtube-dl is probably the most popular command line YouTube (and not only) downloader for Linux but there’s a new tool that tries to do things a bit differently.pms-youtube (quite an unfortunate name :D) is a new tool which, besides being able to download YouTube videos (either the whole video or just the audio), can also search and play YouTube videos and create local playlists, all from the command line.By default, this is basically a YouTube audio player (and downloader), but you can enable (external) video playback from its options.The tool uses mplayer for streaming but it can also use mpv, a relatively new mplayer fork.Installation1. pms-youtube can be installed using pip. To Install pip in Ubuntu, use the following command:sudo apt-get install python-pip2. Then install pms-youtube using pip:sudo pip install pms-youtube3. You’ll also need mplayer, which you can install using the following command:sudo apt-get install mplayerLater on, if you want to upgrade pms-youtube, use this command:sudo pip install pms-youtube –upgradeArch Linux users can install pms-youtube via AUR.If you want to use this with MPV, you can install it in Ubuntu (Saucy and Trusty) by using THIS PPA.pmsyt is also available for Windows and Mac OS X. See its GitHub page

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