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Community Council Statement on Canonical Package Licensing

Before the start of the holidays last year, the Ubuntu Community Council was approached by a concerned member of the community regarding the news that Linux Mint had been asked to sign a license agreement in order to continue distributing software packages out of the Ubuntu repositories.
Over the past two months, the Community Council has had several discussions, mailing list threads and meetings about this. In addition, we’ve reached out to another derivative for their understanding of the situation and spoken with external legal experts.
We are more than aware that some time has passed since the original approach and feel that we need to make it known that we’ve not been ignoring the situation. Legal issues are complex and we have to be mindful of the difference between personal and legal opinions. Understanding the weight of our words would carry we felt it was important to take time to gather facts and discuss the issue thoroughly.
At this time, we are in agreement that one of the keys to Ubuntu’s success is in providing a well-designed, reliable and enjoyable experience to all of our users, whether they are using Ubuntu on a desktop, a phone or in the cloud. To that

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