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Ubuntu 14.04: Unity Gets New GTK3 CSS Themed Window Decorations, Other Changes

Ubuntu 14.04 Trusty Tahr: Unity and Compiz were updated today, bringing new GTK3 CSS themed Unity window decorations along with other interesting changes.The latest Unity available in the Ubuntu 14.04 Trusty Tahr repositories comes with the new GTK3 CSS themed window decorations which we’ve covered a while back, replacing the Compiz Decor plugin. The new decoration support full GTK 3 theming and they introduce improved resizing speed and anti-aliased corners (see above) as well as a fix for an old regression: the panel is now right-clickable when a window is maximized with global menu enabled, displaying the same manu that’s available when right clicking an unmaximized window titlebar (lets you minimize, unmaximize, set the window always on top, move to workspace, etc.):Ambiance and Radiance themes received support for these new decorations a while back, that’s why they look the same as with the old Compiz decorations. Unfortunately, the new Unity decorations don’t support changing the window buttons position, at least for now and also, most themes need to be updated to work with these new decorations.Another important change is that Unity Control Center is now used by default for Unity instead of GNOME Control Center. You won’t

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